Useful sources and material relating to ZFF for Media. Download quickly and easily now.

Media Dossier

From mid September, you'll find the media dossier for the 19th Zurich Film Festival here. For questions about press screenings, interviews, Green Carpets and photocalls please contact

Press screenings

Here you can find the dates of the press screenings.

Green Carpets

Here you can find the dates of the Green Carpets.


Here you can find the dates of the photocalls.

Sound and Image Material at

The Zurich Film Festival offers video material, original sound, interviews, photos and texts for each film and event for download. This service is brought to you in collaboration with Territory Movie Database for Professionals (, Switzerland’s largest online platform for press and promotional material for the film industry. The Zurich Film Festival will have its own section at, which will be updated daily during the festival. You will receive your password by e-mail after registering.

ZFF Logos

The zip data contains several variations of the ZFF logo (EPS and PNG):


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